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Save Lives with HealthSolutions

In today’s time, when Pizza delivery is guaranteed within 30 minutes, or you get an Uber within 5-7 minutes, it’s a misfortune that you cannot get life-saving medicines, blood or an ambulance even in an hour or so.
Health Solutions, an app, to support the humanity in such critical scenarios, has been launched voluntarily by Engitech. Our team will be delivering blood products and such other required items to your door step.
Health Solutions is a platform to merge the efforts of famous NGOs, blood banks, pharmaceutical resources, and generous blood donors in order to assist people in need of blood, medicines or ambulance.

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Ambulance (Current Scenario)

Currently, in the busiest city of Karachi, due to lack of resources lot of patients suffer or even pass away due to not getting treatment on time. Sometimes the condition is critical, but a lot of times due to non availability of Ambulance on time.
On the other hand, sometimes more than one ambulance reach to serve the same patient. It may happen when:-
1. Multiple people call different Ambulance services while gather to assist patient(s) of road accident
2. Attendant does not wait for the Ambulance due to the non assurance that how much time Ambulance will take to pick my patient or even started moving towards me or not. Keeping blind faith is not possible in such a critical scenario or may cost a lot.

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Ambulance with Tracking (HealthSolutions App)

HealthSolutions App provides a way to use the limited resources SMARTLY and overcome the patient transportation issues and save lives at maximum level.
HealthSolutions App works like Uber and Careem and provides tracking with the help of which:-
1. Multiple resources are not assigned at single LOCATION
2. The attendant can easily track and view the Ambulance position
3. Nearest resource is assigned to save life and time
with an empowered command and control Centre monitoring multi-level Ambulances like transport, lifesaving and Advance care with Vent/minor OT working on ground through tracking and connectivity directly with the help of Artificial intelligence who defined who required which type of ambulance care. It also avoid of misusing the facility like one need the ambulance he called almost all ambulances companies and many will be on road just to pick one but using HealthSolutions App when it connected with one rest will automatically available for other requirements.

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Chemist 24/7

Connectivity with major chemists / pharmacists and best utilization of available resource in order to deliver the maximum in terms of medicines / pharmaceutical products through multiple connections and quick delivery with the help of tracking app function.
It assists with emergency medicine as well to cater the need of urgent help to the patient with smart Map connectivity so no one need to explain the address.

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Diagnostics at Your Doorstep

App provides Diagnostic service at your doorstep as a phlebotomist Rider can get the blood / sample from the doorstep guided with Map to reach to the patient and reports can be seen on App.

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Equipment on Rent

All necessary equipment available on rent to their homes with the nursing care and develop an HDU like facilities at home.

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Facilities near you

Helps to find the best required need closest to the location where someone using the app.

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General Physician Clinic

Helps to see the patient on app (Telemedicine). A General Physician / Consultant inspects the patient using video/audio/text chat to prescribe a test or medicine.

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Healthy Food

Helps to guide the user for best nutrition according to the need of the patient.

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About HealthSolutions App

Idea behind this app!

Mobile app of Health Solutions is launched to serve the humanity. The idea behind this app is to utilize the modern techniques and services to provide a solution which will be helping the people in critical situations

Currently, this app is launched only for blood products but more solutions will be added soon.
Your city or area may not be supported initially but no need to worry, In Sha ALLAH, we will spread our network in every city and area of Pakistan. In order to get it viral, we need dedicated support of our users.

Check out Health Solutions' multiple Services!

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User feedback

Very helpful in emergencies and a good community service.

Asad Shamim - Karachi

I think this App is awesome for conjusted traffic cities and its a newbie in Pakistan so surely it is of great use here.

Qazi Zeeshan Aali - Karachi

Amazing step towards fulfilling needs at doorstep.

Suk Jahan - Karachi

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A better way to serve the humanity using fully featured Health Solutions App.
Now available on the App Store and Play Store!

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